What Are The Benefits Of Using A Microfibre Cloth?

It’s well-known that you must use the equipment to clean your vehicle. Otherwise, you can end up scratching or wearing away the surface.

When it comes to wiping down the exterior, it’s important not to use anything which is abrasive, even detailed cotton towels. Instead, it’s important to use soft microfibre cloths that are gentle on the car’s surface. 

Here are just a few the benefits of using microfibre cloths on cars, motorcycles, karts, boats and much more:

  • Microfibre cloths are highly absorbent and therefore hold their weight in water. They therefore make quick work of wiping down surfaces, no matter how large. You won’t have to constantly re-dip them in your bucket of water. 
  • They’re extremely cost-effective, with our premium microfibre cloths starting from only £1.09, making it easy to stock up on high volumes of products with ease. A pack of 36 costs only £24 and is therefore ideal if you run a busy car washing business (or are simply passionate about keeping your own vehicle squeaky clean!). 
  • You won’t have to worry about scratching, linting or streaking surfaces.
  • Another benefit is they leave you with a spotless finish. Our products will effortlessly lift dirt and moisture, leaving you with a sparkling surface.
Find out more about the benefits of our microfibre cloths. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.
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