FibreKing is a new and exciting company, founded in 2021, aiming to deliver premium quality products to prestige car owners, detailers, and motorsport enthusiasts alike.

With both partners of FibreKing brand being heavily involved in automobile and motorsport industry themselves, they recognized the need for quality products at a good price when caring for their prize-winning vehicles.

The journey started when the founders found it hard to source quality premium microfibres in their place of work and when you could you were restricted in choice. They wanted to allow people to express themselves with cleaning and detailing while using a high-quality product as well been allowed to have a wide variety to choose from.

So after months of planning, perfecting processes, and establishing relationships with suppliers from around the world, FibreKing was born and is here to lead the way with products that meet our high standards and achieve the coveted FibreKing seal of approval.

With our main focus on being the leading microfibre brand in the world, we also have great aspirations to use our resources and expand the brand into our range of automotive cleaning products … “that would be fit for the king “.

Thank you for joining us on our journey stay tuned for more exciting news, and make sure to follow us on social media to find out more.