What Are The Best Cloths For Car Detailing?

Car detailing offers so many benefits to a vehicle owner. It not only keeps a car looking amazing, but contributes towards helping it run efficiently. 

Benefits include the preservation of paintwork, the elimination of odours, stain preventions and removals, and increased vehicle safety. However, it’s important that the right equipment is used to carry out this process. 

One key piece of equipment is microfibre cloths, which thoroughly clean the exterior, without leaving streaks, smears or damaging the metal. Everyone wants their vehicle to be gleaming like new after having it detailed. The best microfibre cloths will help you achieve this.

Fibreking Limited specialises in premium microfibre cloths for the automobile industry.

They’re some of the best cloths for car detailing companies or individuals maintaining their vehicle at home. 

Our plush microfibre cloths effortlessly  lift trapped dirt and moisture, leaving a clean, dry and polished surface. Super absorbent, they can be used wet or dry. With Fibreking Limited you will achieve results that look like magic, with the least amount of backbreaking labour. 

Among our range is these Edgeless Detailing Cloths which are gentle on even the most delicate paint and perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces.

If you’re looking for the best cloths for car detailing, check out our latest collection today.
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