7 Essential Car Care Tips

Many people find their car doesn’t look its best at this time of year. For instance, it’s common to see vehicles plastered with mud everywhere on the roads!

Along with an annual service, there’s many small ways to care for your car so it looks and performs well throughout the seasons. 

Here are just a few tips to keep your car in excellent condition:

  1. Use our premium microfibre cloths to create a streak-free surface. These are one of the best types of cloths to use in order to prevent a smeared surface, and they’re super soft so will prevent any damage occurring to your body work or glass. 
  2. Regularly check your tyre pressure and condition. It’s important to inspect them often to see if there’s any cuts or bulges and if they need inflating. 
  3. Battery problems are one of the most common causes for breakdowns, particularly if a car isn’t used for significant periods of time. 
  4. Using our ultimate detailer’s cloth will keep your vehicle sparkling clean. Super absorbent, it’s combined with its edgeless pattern and soft fibres so it’s gentle on even the most delicate paint . That makes it perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces.
  5. Ensure you use the best products to clean your vehicle. We have a brilliant product range to choose from,including our FibreKing Supreme Car Shampoo which has a distinctive sweet scent reminiscent of love hearts.
  6. Make sure you check the following areas: fuel, lights, oil, water, electrics, and rubber.
  7. Take your car to a reputable garage for your MOT and service.
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