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FibreKing Supreme - Car Shampoo

FibreKing Supreme - Car Shampoo

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Our new SUPREME Car Shampoo is the ultimate in car cleaning agents, it’s distinctive “LOVE HEART” sweet smell and its perfectly foamy formulae equalling an unbelievable cleaning process, it is an instant head turner for any car cleaning enthusiast.

SUPREME is a highly concentrated, pH-neutral car shampoo that is wax and sealant safe and is the perfect solution for all kinds of vehicle washes.

Even when highly diluted SUPREME SHAMPOO provides exceptional lubricity and luxurious foam, when used in combination with a wash mitt provides a safe method of cleaning general dirt and grime from your paintwork.

Directions for use:

1 - Rinse off loose dirt

2 - Pour 25-45ml of Supreme Shampoo into an empty bucket and add water

3 - Apply with a wash mitt

4 - Rinse off with clean water and dry with chamois leather or soft cloth

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