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Build Your Own Fibreking Premium Microfibre Pack

Build Your Own Fibreking Premium Microfibre Pack

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We have done it ….the first “BUILD YOUR OWN PACK” option . We have made it so you can choose exactly what you want in the pack without being restricted .You simply choose the colour and quantity and let us put it together for you .

We know that choosing a colour option is an often difficult task especially when we have 7 amazing colours . Also we are aware of the fact that some of detailers out there like to use different colours for different products . So the new Fibreking “BYOP” fixes all these issues .

We have given you the freedom and creativity to make your pack as big or as small as you require so get building .

* Super absorbent and washable
* Perfect for cleaning and polishing
* Used wet or dry
* Lint-free 
* Removes wax without scratches 
* Cleans without chemicals
* Material: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide
* Dimensions: H 40.6 x W 40.6 cm
* 325 GSM
* Not to be used with strong chemicals that may cause bleeding of dye.
* Tagless

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