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FibreKing Blizzard - Snow Foam

FibreKing Blizzard - Snow Foam

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The BLIZZARD is the thickest snow foam out there on the market today the results will leave you amazed with the effectiveness of this luscious thick pre-wash. FK BLIZZARD creates a large blanket of snow foam covering your vehicle clinging onto the surface for maximum efficiency before lifting away for a swirl-free experience.

BLIZZARD SNOW FOAM is a premium pH-neutral snow foam that generates a dense, clingy foam. It is ideal for pre-soaking cars where wax/LSP-safe cleaning is imperative. Its high foaming properties will loosen road grime before washing.

Using Snowfoam as pre-wash is an essential part of the cleaning process, it is the most vital stage in car detailing where it removes the heaviest and gritty grime without making contact with the vehicle.

Directions for use:

1 - Dilute BLIZZARD SNOW FOAM 1 part product to 10 parts water for a thick blanket of foam.Dilute BLIZZARD SNOW FOAM 1 part product to 25 parts water for a thinner foam

2 - Apply to the vehicle using a snow foam lance

3 - Leave to dwell for approximately 1-2 minutes

4 - Remove using a pressure washer
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