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Fibreking Bundle 1

Fibreking Bundle 1

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Fibreking Bundle 1

1 x 500ml Terminator Iron Fallout Remover

1 x 500ml Blizzard Snow Foam

1 x 500ml Supreme Shampoo

1 x 500ml Vroom Quick Detailer


Our fantastic weekend warrior bundles offer great savings!


Product Description


Given the name of the most iconic destroyer in blockbuster movies, the TERMINATOR is set out to eliminate and target invisible deposits within minutes of application. It has been designed to remove contaminants upon direct contact giving a deeper and more effective cleaning experience.

TERMINATOR FALL OUT REMOVER is a high-strength, high-cling, pH-balanced iron contaminant remover. It is formulated to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants quickly and efficiently.

When TERMINATOR is applied on the surface, it begins to react instantly with the dirt and grime and eliminates them. The liquid then begins to turn the fallout particles a purple colour as it rapidly breaks them down. The FK terminator is a thick formula that allows for an advanced removal process than your standard cleaner, it removes all of your exterior surfaces and is safe to use on paint, wheels, trim, and metal surfaces.


The BLIZZARD is the thickest snow foam out there on the market today the results will leave you amazed with the effectiveness of this luscious thick pre-wash. FK BLIZZARD creates a large blanket of snow foam covering your vehicle clinging onto the surface for maximum efficiency before lifting away for a swirl-free experience.

BLIZZARD SNOW FOAM is a premium pH-neutral snow foam that generates a dense, clingy foam. It is ideal for pre-soaking cars where wax/LSP-safe cleaning is imperative. Its high foaming properties will loosen road grime before washing.

Using Snowfoam as pre-wash is an essential part of the cleaning process, it is the most vital stage in car detailing where it removes the heaviest and gritty grime without making contact with the vehicle.


Our new SUPREME Car Shampoo is the ultimate in car cleaning agents, it’s distinctive “LOVE HEART” sweet smell and its perfectly foamy formulae equalling an unbelievable cleaning process, it is an instant head turner for any car cleaning enthusiast.

SUPREME is a highly concentrated, pH-neutral car shampoo that is wax and sealant safe and is the perfect solution for all kinds of vehicle washes.

Even when highly diluted SUPREME SHAMPOO provides exceptional lubricity and luxurious foam, when used in combination with a wash mitt provides a safe method of cleaning general dirt and grime from your paintwork.




Fibreking VROOM detailer is again in the name proving to be the quickest and most effective way to get added shine and gloss to your vehicle's paintwork.

VROOM QUICK DETAILER is the ultimate quick detailing spray. It delivers a highly durable, hydrophobic finish that is quick and easy to apply. It is safe on all paintwork, plastics, metals, and car surround. It will not degrade waxes or sealants.

Vroom is a leading gloss detailer that can provide an instant mirror shine in half the time of a more traditional wax or polish product.

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