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FibreKing Vroom - Quick Detailer

FibreKing Vroom - Quick Detailer

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Fibreking VROOM detailer is again in the name proving to be the quickest and most effective way to get added shine and gloss to your vehicle's paintwork.

VROOM QUICK DETAILER is the ultimate quick detailing spray. It delivers a highly durable, hydrophobic finish that is quick and easy to apply. It is safe on all paintwork, plastics, metals, and car surround. It will not degrade waxes or sealants.

Vroom is a leading gloss detailer that can provide an instant mirror shine in half the time of a more traditional wax or polish product.

Directions for use:

Simply spray onto the surface, wipe and buff to give a slick and durable finish.
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