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FibreKing Magic Eraser (10 per pack)

FibreKing Magic Eraser (10 per pack)

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Unleash the power of the FibreKing Magic Eraser! 

Our Magic Eraser is super durable - two and a half times more durable than your standard sponge! 

It's perfect for cleaning a variety of different materials and surfaces, including:

  • Bodywork and plastics
  • Helmets and visors
  • Floor trays and framework
  • Suits and boots
  • Trucks and awnings 
  • Car surfaces and windows

The FibreKing Magic Eraser is made from high-tech melamine foam with a durable core. This helps it maintain a solid structure within the eraser, so you can rest assured it will do its job. The lightly abrasive foam works to loosen up dirt and grime with a super fine sandpaper effect but without scratching surfaces, whilst the microstructure of the eraser's foam traps the dirt.

The Magic Eraser was designed specifically with motorsport in mind, and is the perfect cleaning companion for your cars, bikes, karts and car detailers.


  • Extra durable
  • Super strong inner core 
  • Long lasting
  • Unique melamine technology 
  • Rigid surface for deeper cleaning
  • Size 100mm x 60mm x 30mm
  • 10 sponges per pack
  • Can be used with or without product 
  • Removes tough marks and stains
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